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Hola mi amigas. I think I'm picking up on Mark's spanish! Cool! Well i'm updating, which I rarely ever do just because I don't know anyone on here and I'm fairly new, so thats why. Summer is here now, I haven't got much of anything done. Due to the fact that I'm the worst procrastinator, EVER alive. Our government is still on shutdown so I can't get my license for a while. I still don't have a job, I don't have anyone to blame but myself, that doesnt make me sad at all though. Just makes me feel like a bum. Which is fine by me! lol. It's Uyen's 17th birthday this Sunday. I'm so excited for her! Hopefully I get to spend it with her. I probably will end up spending the night over there, and keep away from her evil parents. I hope they don't say anymore about me, since I already know they hate me. Oh well, life goes on. As long as Uyen still loves me, I'm happy.

Anyways, onto more depressing news. The London bombings really just made me so sad. Not angry, just really sad. When will people ever stop and realize that they have to try and stop taking over the world. We all live here, together. Why can't we all get along. Perhaps I watch too much Oprah, but man. Last episode I watched, I was eating and I suddenly lost my appetite. It was about the rapes in eastern Congo, I just wanted to cry. And the others. Can you imagine on the other side of the world(from the us), in Romainia there's a father prostituting his own son? It makes me feel so helpless. And a little stupid. Because it seems as if none of my friends are aware of any world issues that are going on today. They either don't care or are too busy with their little circle of friends and they're boring suburban life, that they don't stop to think about how lucky they truly are. Maybe I'm being sort of a hyprocrite because I used to be like that.

Now I have to deal with unecessary problems like a stupid teenager who ran away from home to go live with her boyfriend. What the hell are you thinking. Now your family is calling me because they think that I'm the only voice of reason that you'll listen to. Frankly, I don't want tell to do anything. Anyone who can make that big of a decision to leave home can think for themselves. Your stubborn and selfish. Anything that comes out of my mouth will go in one ear and go out the other. I know you too well. It's just well, man, how many mistakes is it going to take you to realized that YOU screwed up? That your no longer a victim, and the only reason why your life is the way it is, is only because YOU made that choice. So suffer the consequences.
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