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I am currently on my spring vacation.

I really need to cash my check and deposit all my cash. I am horrible at saving money. I don't make very much money at all, yet I seem to spend at least a couple hundred each month. If only I didn't take this whole week off, I'd be up maybe a cool 200 bucks? I'm turning into a adult, the only thing I think about is making that paper. Is that a bad thing?

Well I suppose I need to go pay for my contacts soon. I could be legally blind by now. Ever since Michael stepped on my glasses, every waking moment feels like a fuzzy dream.

Well before all that I'm going to start packing for my trip with Manders and Erin, we are going on a 2-day roadtrip! Extra time for me to finally listen to my contest piece and bond with these girls.

Oh! And more exciting news! Bea and I are going to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, She Wants Revenge/Nightmare of You, and Franz Ferdinand/Death Cab For Cutie show in April, and hell they just all happen to be in the same week! That weekend also coincides with my senior prom night!!! It's gonna be a fun and hectic mess of a blast!!!
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