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This is when my buzzer goes

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I remember when I never met you. But then life introduced me to Eee and Li. Excuses and lies. It was when time didn't stretch nearly as far. You didn't need to wait for an answer, because you had all the time in the world. And there was some comfort in knowing, there is time for everything. Especially when it comes to you.

I use to have time.

Ever since Li came into my life, she told me that I couldn't just live. I needed an appointment for success, reason, and family. But then success lost its formula, reason gave up on convincing, and family kept dying all the time.

Li is a bitch.

Then Li had a baby, her name was Eee. Also known as, Excuses.

Eee was worst than Li, she was foolish. She thought she could think her way through life, making it easier for everyone else. Taking the brunt of the conflict, and not speaking a word. Saying Oh Hell It Is For Love, this is what its suppose to be. Li came back and told Eee that it was okay. But Eee knew it wasn't. She knew it all along.

Then I met Fee and Dee. Fear and disappointment. Fee took me back to before I ever met Li, when it was my worst enemy. But I cheated myself, and am in love with Dee. She is the worst yet. She makes me bend over backwards, see the good in everthing, but then slaps me in face with Ree. Reality.

I wish I could go back before any one you consumed my life. I do not know how to get alway from my friends.

I'm too attached.
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