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when time goes slow, i blog twice

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wow, i actually came across this journal because of the "other" journal which i will not say. i'm surprised i still know my username and password. it's incredible how fluid my memory can me about these things, and horrible when it comes to what i did the day before.

i'm sitting in my brothers bedroom. it's summer and i've never felt so restless. so restless and happy. i love my life for the most part. i still struggle with my future and what i'm looking towards, but for now i'm working doing nails in a small suburban salon in maple grove. i still want to go back to school and i realize that if i don't go back now, i'll probably never go back. people always say life goes by so fast, but damn, my life is going by so painfully slow sometimes. when i'm happy, it's amazing. when i'm sad, it's like the whole world isn't worth my time. i still have these feelings. it is something i do not believe i will outgrow.

so now i look forward, and i am willing to change for it.

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